Restore Hormone Balance

What are some of the signs that your hormones are out of balance?  High anxiety or not being able to handle the day to day life stresses like picking up the kids at school is a truly sign that your adrenal hormones are out of balance.  And, that leads to

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Food Sensitivities

Over the years our poor diet, environmental toxins, and medications can lead to food sensitivities to even foods like avocados creating a constant immune reaction which can lead to poor digestion and gut health.  It can even lead to auto-immune conditions like Hashimoto’s,  Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s. Warning Signs of

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Genomic Counseling

Want to unlock the key to your optimal health?  Genetic testing is more than just testing for diseases like breast cancer. The new science of nutrigenomics can answer those perplexing questions like why are my hormones out of balance, why do I get migraines – questions that doctors don’t have good

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Break Through Weight Loss

Have you tried all of the weight loss diets – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig?  You lost weight initially but as soon as you went off of the diet plans, you gained the weight back.  Maybe it is time to try something different? Weight management can really be struggle and we

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A Little About Me

Looking for a different approach to nutrition counseling? You have come to right place. After struggling for years from different health conditions including suffering from chronic severe infections, hormonal imbalances and the inability to manage my weight with no answers except to pop a pill, I began to look for answers on my own. That began my journey in learning how food is medicine and that one can heal through nutrition and changes in lifestyle.

It is now my passion to help others heal and become healthy again. I want to share with you how I successfully overcome my health challenges - let me be your partner in achieving your health goals and taking control over your health, naturally!! My approach to my nutrition counseling is an alternative/integrative approach based on sound science - educating and coaching you to success.

What My Clients Are Saying!

"Eileen is an excellent nutritionist who helped me wade through a sea of snake oil supplements and fad diet trends to find the right nutrition for my body, in the right form for my body. I've found her to be incredibly knowledgeable in the latest research, and she does an excellent job bridging the gap between traditional Western medicine and functional medicine. Eileen offers highly individualized and compassionate support to get her clients feeling like their best selves. I feel secure knowing that I have her as an ally in my efforts to get control of my health. "


Eileen really keeps on top of the latest research in nutrition. I have learned so much from Eileen and she has really helped me in reaching my health goals. She really knows how to work with women who are suffering with gut health issues and weight management!


I have been working with Eileen Schutte since May 2015 and have found my energy levels are up, my blood pressure and cholesterol are back in the normal range, and I have lost significant weight with the greatest impact being on my waistline.  I have modified my diet based on Eileen’s recommendations and have found that my eating habits have changed significantly, with a natural reductions in portion size.   I have been taking a dietary supplement recommended by Eileen and initiated a daily cardio workout.  After years of unsuccessfully fighting the waistline I have made significant and sustained progress. Thanks Eileen for your guidance and support.....Scott 


I found working with Eileen on dietary and other health issues to be a pleasant experience. Her tailored approach made for a plan that was easy to follow, and I found myself feeling more energetic and losing weight shortly after starting the plan. I was amazed at how fast the weight came off, and didn't feel deprived. Overall, I found Eileen to be understanding and knowledgeable in crafting the right nutrition plan for my health and lifestyle needs.