\'World\'s Best Elvis\' Chris Connor Recreates Presley Magic At Burnley Mechanics

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LET’S face it, there are a lot of people making a living out there as an Elvis Presley impersonator or performing in an Elvis tribute show.

But there is only one Chris Connor – voted by fans around the world as the best Elvis performer in the business.

“I’ve never been one for competitions,” said Chris modestly, “but to be presented with the award for being the world’s number one Elvis in Memphis was something special.”

Now Chris will be bringing his Elvis show to Burnley Mechanics next weekend, complete with full live band, authentic costumes and all the hits that made Elvis the undisputed King of rock and roll.

“We will be performing two concerts at the show,” said Chris. “The first is based on a show Elvis did at the International Hotel in Las Vegas in 1969 and then the second half of the show covers the mid to late 70s period.

“There will be many of the hits which everyone knows but also one or two more obscure numbers which the diehard fans really enjoy.

“I’ll have my full band with me including a huge brass section. We just try to make everything as authentic as possible.”

This includes those famous jumpsuits which Elvis wore on stage. Chris has his stage outfits handmade by Gene Doucette who designed many of Elvis’ iconic looks during his career.

“I’d always been an Elvis fan,” said Chris, “but when I was a teenager I didn’t know anything about Elvis impersonators.

“Then I did see a couple and that really put me off – I think that’s a lot of people’s experience – a lot of the tributes out there are really caricatures.

“But then I saw a really good Elvis show and that inspired me to give it a go. I’d always felt like I could sing but I’d never done it in front of people before until I started doing this job.”

That was nine years ago and Chris has never looked back.

“I’ve studied a lot of concert footage of Elvis and you start to realise what a great voice and charismatic performer he was,” said Chris.

“With the shows we try to make it as close to an authentic Elvis show as you’re likely to get. With the band I’ll sometimes change things around on stage just as Elvis would so they don’t really know what to expect but they are all great musicians and just take it in their stride.

“The 1969 show particularly requires loads of energy.”

Although on stage Chris has the mannerisms, the look and the voice off to a tee, he hasn’t allowed Elvis to take over his life.

“I feel like a rock and roll star on stage but I can still go to Asda without any hassle,” he said. “I’m lucky that my hair is like Elvis and for a while because I wanted to be authentic I did grow the big sideburns but too many people kept coming up to me when I was out with my wife so they had to go.”

But when it comes to showtime, Chris just becomes the King.

“It’s just so important to me to keep it as real as possible,” he said. “Elvis fans are tremendously loyal and very knowledgeable and I owe it to them and to their memories of Elvis to keep the show as authentic as possible.”

Chris Connor, Burnley, Mechanics, Friday, March 10. Details from 01282 664400

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'World's best Elvis' Chris Connor recreates Presley magic at Burnley Mechanics