Dana White Shoots Down GSP Fighting Winner Of Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs. Conor McGregor

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If Georges St-Pierre wants to make his return to the UFC in the near future, he's going to have to seek out an opponent other than Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Just days after St-Pierre said he 'would be interested' in a showdown against the winner of the UFC 229 main event, UFC president Dana White quickly shot down that possibility when speaking after the season finale of the Tuesday Night Contender Series.

While White was happy to hear St-Pierre was nearly ready to fight again, he's not anxious to give him another title shot only to watch the Canadian superstar abandon the belt one fight later.

"That's probably not going to happen," White told MMAWeekly when asked about GSP landing that fight. "He gave up the 170-pound belt. He gave up 185-pound belt, you know what I mean? It's like no, pick a division."

St-Pierre feared that would be White's response when he first expressed interest in fighting Nurmagomedov or McGregor after what unfolded following his win over Michael Bisping last November.

"I fought at 170 [pounds] and I relinquish the title, I fought at 185 and I relinquished the title, I don't think the UFC will let me fight for the title at 155," St-Pierre said earlier this week in Australia. "They will be afraid I will relinquish and I left the division in ruins."

St-Pierre became middleweight champion and while he had plans to stay at 185 pounds to defend the belt, he ultimately relinquished the title due to health issues.

That came after St-Pierre left the UFC back in 2013 while also surrendering his welterweight title at the time.

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White would love to get St-Pierre booked for another fight but it certainly sounds like he won't give him a title shot based on what previously happened.

"Toronto makes sense," White said about booking St-Pierre's return at UFC 231 in December. "Toronto wouldn't be bad."

By all accounts, however, St-Pierre's return would have to come in a non-title bout as White clearly doesn't seem all that excited to put a title back around his waist again.

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