Dillon Danis The BJJ \'savant\' Channeling Team Mate Conor McGregor On Bellator MMA Debut

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Danis is aware that running straight into the flames could risk being burnt, and will develop. Though with his kind of ambition, he will want to burn brightly. “I think so. I want to go fast, straight to the top, but I do agree I want to take my time. I do like to take some time and do straight boxing or something. I’m smart, I’m not a dumb person. I know what needs to be done to be the best and when I’m ready, I’m ready.”

Kavanagh, out here with Danis, told The Telegraph that the young fighter's stand-up game is progressing well.   “It’s like the Samurai said, “Master one thing, master all”. If you can master one thing you can do it all. That’s how I feel. If I put the same amount of effort into striking as I did with jiu jitsu, striking will be as good as my jiu jitsu. I feel like it’s coming along beautifully.”

Kavanagh's take on Danis ?

“He’s a savant on the ground, especially his jiu jitsu. It’s incredible. But also he's got very good takedowns. Sometimes when people come from a jiu jitsu background they struggled with strikes, get tired and then they get hurt. Whereas Dillon’s wrestling is probably as good as his jiu jitsu. He’s developing his striking. He’s got real confidence on his feet, that usually takes a time to develop. He did kind of jump in the deep end.

"His first time doing MMA sparring was full-on sparring with Conor [McGregor]. That’s a rough introduction for anybody. He’s been on and off with us for over a year, he’s sparred all the guys. He mentioned to me yesterday that he feels very zen. I said “Well, you can’t fake that”. You're calm because you’re trained hard. You can’t lie to yourself, lie in bed and convince yourself you’ve done something that you haven’t."

"He has trained hard. I’ve put him in miserable situations in the gym so that he did get to see what it’s like to be hit hard in MMA, unlike grappling tournaments. He kept coming back. He loves it. He’s a true fighter.”

“I think 170 will suit him. This fight is 175, I didn’t want him to worry about cutting too much weight for his first MMA fight. He’s not far off the weight already. I think 170, 155 might be a stretch. He said he can do it, but we’ll see. We’ll see how does at this one in 175. We’ll take the next one at 170, let’s see how he does. And then we’ll take it from there.”

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James Gallagher could challenge for the 145 crown this year Credit: Lucas Noonan/Bellator

John Kavanagh on James Gallagher in 2018

Kavanagh is working closely with James Gallagher. “He’s just had a bit of bad run of luck. He went from a hurt knee to a hurt hand, then he got cut. They come in threes. He’s got all the bad luck out of the way now and I hope by the end of the summer, we get him in there. He’s come on so much in the last year and I’m excited to see where he goes.”

With the Bellator featherweight division increasingly exciting, is Gallagher ready to challenge this year for a title in the coach's view ?

“You’d be worried if a fighter wasn’t screaming for a title very single fight, because that’s where their mind should be. And then you would hope that the fighter will allow somebody behind them with more experience to guide that enthusiasm. We did have a run of injuries, I do want him to get more cage time and there is a lot of very experienced featherweights in this division. The Bellator roster has grown so much in the last 18 months. There’s a lot of names out there that I want him to test himself against."

"The belt will come. Right now we just need to get him healthy and get competing.” MMA in Ireland shows no sign of slowing, reckons the SBG boss. “No, I think if anything it’s increasing. With IMAAF we’ve finally got a great amateur scene worldwide. In Ireland we’re starting to see those amateurs come through the ranks now. I’m sure we’ll produce many more champions.”


Danis fights Kyle Walker tonight, by the way, and should produce a spectacular finish. Co-owner of Bellator at the end of the night ? Not just yet...       

Gareth A  Davies is cageside in Chicago covering Bellator 198 live tonight   


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Dillon Danis the BJJ 'savant' channeling team-mate Conor McGregor on Bellator MMA debut