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A month and a half is a long damn time to wait for a PWG show. Last time out, we saw Drake Younger cement himself as a PWG star, even though he came up short in his bid for the PWG World Title. We saw AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol make their presence known with two of the best matches of the weekend, but Del Sol’s stay was cut short when it was announced that WWE picked him up, as well as Sami Callihan, who says farewell with an interesting 60 Minute Iron Man main event for the PWG World Title. Nonetheless, I was just as excited for some new PWG and hopefully my review does it some kind of justice. It never does.

The Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs. The RockNES Monsters

If Johnny Yuma doesn’t get annihilated in this match, I want my fucking money back.

Hilariously, the Monsters Pearl Harbor the Machines. They try the double suplexes, but predictably it doesn’t work. Instead, Cage and Elgin do their usual awesome stereo delayed suplexes. Elgin and Cage take turns attempting murder on Johnny Goodtime, but Yuma sticks his nose in. Things spill outside, where Johnny Goodtime does some sort of freaky dive through the ropes, headscissoring Elgin to the floor. Brian Cage plays the face in peril, but the Monsters play it exponentially well doing it without actually dominating Mr. GMSI, instead cheating to keep things at bay. Elgin finally has enough of Yuma’s shit and comes in, but Yuma ENZUIGIRIS ELGIN WHILE HE DDTS CAGE! The Machines both find themselves on the floor, but they catch a Johnny Yuma pescado and throw him at a running Goodtime! The Monsters come back with an enzuigiri/stunner for a two count! Elgin makes his own comeback, but TAKES A MUSHROOM STOMP/CUTTER FOR A NEARFALL! That was pretty awesome, I must say. Yuma and Goodtime try for the WAZZZUUUPPP Dudley Boyz deal, but they don’t succeed. Cage comes in, sets Yuma on Goodtime’s shoulders, and GERMAN SUPLEXES GOODTIME! NEARFALL ON YUMA! DISGUSTING BACKFIST FROM ELGIN! HART ATTACK DISCUS LARIAT! ELGIN BOMB! That’s it for the RockNES Monsters in 12 minutes.


This was a great way to start the show off. It wasn’t something that re-invents the wheel, but it doesn’t need to be as an opener. I don’t know what else to say after that. I’m losing a step, guys. You saw it here first.

Davey Richards vs. Kyle O’Reilly

We’ve seen a shitload of Team Ambition matches lately, but they’re all good, so why not one in front of pro wrestling’s best crowd?

Davey Richards gets the first real offensive move of the match with the Falcon Arrow/cross armbreaker, but Kyle bails before any real damage is done. Other than that, it’s your basic MMA poser feeling-out process. They catch each other’s kicks and negotiate to find a way out of it, but they don’t find common ground quite yet. The crowd suggests ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, and O’Reilly and Davey comply. It’s a tie, but they find a way to get out of it eventually. Davey uses all that to take control, momentarily breaking to do some gyrating. Kyle finds himself on the floor and finds himself the recipient of a Murderdeathkill Kick from Davey. O’Reilly takes control outside for a while, but Davey kicks him straight in the face RVD-feint-style. Davey nails an Alarm Clock, but takes a German Suplex…but he’s all fuck you and stomps Kyle’s chest. Davey BRAINS Kyle with a kick in mid-leg sweep. Good God. Davey goes up top and dives right into a Triangle and an Omoplata of all things. Davey knees out of a Regal Plex, but Kyle spectacularly counters another Alarm Clock into one for a two count! Kyle puts Davey on the top rope, but Davey resists a superplex and headbutts his protege to the mat. Kyle dodges the stomp, but eats a tombstone and finally Davey comes down with the double stomp. O’REILLY KICKS OUT! Davey transitions straight into the ankle lock, but Kyle gets out. KNEE TO THE FACE! SWINGING DDT! BRAINBUSTER…FOR TWO! Davey taps to a Cross Armbreaker in 19 minutes.


I guess I should blame myself for expecting more of this match considering it was the second bout of the night, but I still feel like this was a bit of a wasted opportunity. A lot of the match consisted of aimless strike exchanges and no real compelling action, which is something these two do very well with each other. Again, I blame myself for expecting something like their ROH TV match from April, but only turning it up the last 30 seconds in a 20 minute match is a little weird to me. I liked most of what they had to offer, and what does it say that a match this good is considered a letdown? That’s just the standard Kyle and Davey have set.

Dojo Bros. vs. Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor

The former 2/3 of F.I.S.T. tore down the house in March with the Young Bucks, so I was looking forward to this match big time.

It’s a feeling out process early on, like usual. Third match in, we get our first GENERIC INDY STANDOFF!~! of the night. Chuck Taylor eats a couple of chops, but doesn’t let Eddie dominate him for long. Gargano becomes a victim of chops from both Dojo Bros, because God hates him apparently. Gargano dives out onto Eddie outside, while Chuckie stomps a Kentucky mudhole in Roddy. Roddy chops Chuckie in the dick, because God hates Chuck too. Roddy sets Gargano and Taylor in the double Tree of Woe, and Eddie has a fan whip him into a dropkick! It’s just chops, chops, and more chops for Gargano at this point. Gargano is taking an ass whooping, including a backbreaker on the apron. Gargano withstands a little more punishment, while the crowd shows no sympathy and chants for Chuckie. Never change, Reseda. Gargano catches Roddy with a a kick, so Roddy immediately tags Eddie, who takes a DDT while Roddy eats a reverse STO. Here comes Chuckie! TOPE CON CHUCKIE!~! I hope this man lives forever. Gargano spears Eddie through the ropes into the ring, and FOLLOWS BEAUTIFULLY WITH A TOPE SUICIDA ON RODDY! Roddy and Eddie overwhelm Chuckie with the numbers game after disposing of Gargano. Chuckie eats a superkick and a knee, but powers out at two! Gargano blind tags and SPIKES EDDIE WITH A SLINGSHOT DDT! SUPERKICK ON EDDIE! REVERSE RAZOR’S EDGE INTO A CUTTER! RODDY KICKS OUT! DOUBLE STOMP/CUTTER FROM TAYLOR AND GARGANO! FOR TWO! Chuckie nails Sole Food on Eddie, who responds immediately with a diving lungblower! Roddy and Johnny fight in the ring, but Gargano falls to the SICK KICK! CHUCKIE BREAKS IT UP! That was a great nearfall. Chuckie puts the brakes on the Dominator/Double Stomp, but CHUCKIE EATS A DOUBLE STOMP ON THE APRON! ORANGE CRUSH BACKBREAKER FROM RODERICK! Gargano takes the pinfall in 20 minutes.


This is more like it. They turned it up and had a really great finishing sequence, which made up for a pretty disjointed opening. It’s kind of hard to say why I liked this so much, but that’s the standard PWG has set; they have so many awesome matches that you run out of hyperbole to heap onto it after a while. Is this match something we’ve seen before? Most likely. It’s still a really fun tag match either way you look at it.

Kevin Steen vs. Drake Younger

Anyone want to take bets on which one of these men is going to die during this match? No? Well fuck you too.

Mr. Wrestling apologizes before he waffles Drake with a punch. Drake shitcans Steen, climbs the top rope, and DIVES ONTO HIM WITH A SOMERSAULT DIVE! Par for the course, we see a brawl outside. Hilarious moment as some fans chant “Over Here!”, so Kevin Steen, ever the eloquent scholar, yells “Buy front row, asshole!” coupled with the double bird. Steen takes his eye off the Psycho Shooter and eats a couple of punches, but he turns him inside out with a lariat and continues to berate a fan in spectacular fashion. Drake looks for the 10 Punches in the corner, but Steen counters with F-Cinq and more verbal abuse of the unruly spectator. Steen fires off a Belly-to-Belly for a good 2 count, followed by a couple eye pokes for good measure…until DRAKE DROPS STEEN ON HIS HEAD WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Fuck, dude. Steen plays games with Drake, rolling out of the ring until he finds enough gas in the tank to launch his face into the ringpost. Steen pulls out a DISGUSTING Gunn Slinger into an Air Raid Crash for a close two count. A Steenton Bomb meets knees, a cannonball misses, and Drake capitalizes with a nasty Tiger Suplex ’85! Steen launches Drake out of the ring with a strong Sleeper Suplex, and it spills out to the floor again. Drake gets out of a powerbomb on the apron, heads to the top rope, and MOONSAULTS ON TOP OF MR. WRESTLING! That might be the most graceful thing I’ve ever seen Mr. Younger do thus far. Drake sets Steen in a chair by the stage and tries to dive out, but Steen catches him AND POWERBOMBS HIM ON THE STAGE! POWERBOMB ON THE APRON! Steen MURDERS DRAKE WITH A JACKNIFE POWERBOMB STANDING ON THE APRON! That was fucking nasty. Steen gets a two count and tries for a Package Piledriver on the apron, but DRAKE COUNTERS WITH A MAGNUM DRIVER OFF THE APRON THROUGH A PILE OF CHAIRS!~! Jesus H. Christ. Steen kicks out at 2 because he is a MOTHERFUCKING MAN. Drake ducks a lariat and Rick Knox takes the fall, but he turns right into a Package Piledriver. There’s no referee to count anything, so here comes Adam Cole to brain Steen with the title belt. DRAKE MURDERS HIM WITH DRAKE’S LANDING! He covers Steen..FOR A TWO COUNT! Drake looks for Drake’s Landing on Mr. Wrestling, but he can’t get him up. He musters up enough strength for a backslide to pin Steen in 19 minutes.


If you’re not a fan of Drake Younger, you might like this match more than others. He took some mean bumps obviously, but Steen helped him keep the match together which made for a pretty good watch. It wasn’t as drop dead awesome as Younger’s match with Adam Cole back in March, but I’m still relatively satisfied with what they did here. The spots weren’t thrown out willy-nilly and the consequences were treated with respect, which makes for a better pure match than what the Psycho Shooter usually puts out. That’s not to say I don’t like his other efforts, because I do more than most, but it was fascinating to see him work a match that seemed like a real match, if that makes sense. It was tremendous either way you look at it, but I have to take points off for what was ultimately a pointless interference from Adam Cole and a lackluster finish. Cole could have run in after the match, and a damn Younger/Steen match could have a better finish than a backslide.

The Young Bucks vs. AR Fox and Samuray Del Sol

This was the match I was most looking forward to, considering how insane Fox and Del Sol turned out to be back at ASW. For spotty mindlessness, I immediately touted this as my Match of the Night before it even happened. Will it come true?

Del Sol and Matt Jackson start us off with some taunting and stalling. Del Sol beautifully rolls through a leglock…man, I’ve seen 10 matches tops of this guy and I absolutely can’t wait for him to get to WWE. He’s incredible, Rey Mysterio-1997 type stuff. Del Sol schools Matt with his speed and that brings AR Fox in with Nick Jackson. Fox catches Nick with a slick dropkick and he wheelbarrows Samuray Del Sol into a senton. Del Sol does his back handspring into a headscissors, but the Bucks one-up him and take control. Fox comes in to try and even things up, but Matt suplexes him while he has Del Sol in an Indian Deathlock. Del Sol drops Nick with a spinning neckbreaker and tags Fox in, who comes off a springboard with a dropkick and a double jump cutter! Fox pulls out one of the wackiest springboards I’ve ever seen, right into a BULLDOG THAT SPIKES MATT ON HIS HEAD! Fox misses a split-legged moonsault in the corner, allowing the Bucks to take control. Nick pulls out the 619, and Fox plays Ricky Morton some more. Fox tries to stop it all with a flip to the apron, but he eats a dropkick that sends him to the outside, followed by a pescado from Nick. SASUKE SPECIAL BACK-RAKE!~! Nick dives right into a Manhattan Drop and FOX SPIKES HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH A SNAPMARE DRIVER! Matt sweeps Del Sol’s feet out from underneath him on the apron, and MURDERS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER ON THE APRON while Fox takes a ridiculous bump off of a 360 round kick from Nick. Fox finally gets the tag to Del Sol, who BRAINS Matt with a spinning heel kick Edson Barboza style. He headscissors Nick into a spear on his brother, lands on his feet on two monkey flips, hurricanranas both brothers out, and DIVES OUT WITH AN INSANE SPRINGBOARD TORNILLO! SPRINGBOARD IMPLODING SENTON FROM FOX! Del Sol stands on top of Nick…before he flawlessly drops right into Code Red! Samuray BACKFLIPS out of a lariat, and Fox skins the cat into a dropkick to a cornered Nick. SHOOTING STAR CANNONBALL FROM FOX! DEL SOL WHIPS FOX INTO A DIVING 450 OVER THE RINGPOST ON TOP OF NICK! DEL SOL RANAS NICK ON HIS HEAD! FOX SPRINGBOARDS WITH A 450! DVD ON THE APRON FROM DEL SOL! FOX DIVES DOWN WITH A HEADKICK! DEL SOL DIVES INTO A SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK FOR FOX! HUGE KICK SEQUENCE!~! Jesus, this is fucking unbelievable. Fox and Matt go at it in the middle of the ring, and Fox comes out on top. Fox misses Lo Mein Pain, but HITS A FUCKING SOMERSAULT FAMEASSER FROM THE TOP ROPE! I’ve never seen that before. Nick climbs the top rope, but DEL SOL KIPS UP AND BOOTS HIM IN THE FACE! Del Sol meets Matt up top for a DIVING VICTORY ROLL! LO MEIN PAIN ON NICK! NICK KICKS OUT! Del Sol accidentally KILLS FOX WITH A SPRINGBOARD REVERSE RANA! HE TURNS RIGHT INTO EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMER’S! NEARFALL!~! Holy shit, was I ever right about MOTN honors. Wow. Tandem Tombstone Piledriver…RIGHT INTO A MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE FROM NICK! SAMURAY KICKS OUT! Nick punts Fox in the face on the outside, and More Bang For Your Buck finishes a showstealer in 25 minutes.


So Samuray Del Sol goes out with another incredible effort, then. I can say without a doubt that I enjoyed this more than even the Del Sol/Fox vs. Swann/Ricochet match from ASW 9 Night 1 and the six man from Night 2, because the Young Bucks are masters at crafting the best spotfests they possibly can and it only helps that they’re facing AR Fox and Samuray Del Sol. I like AR Fox and all, but Samuray Del Sol is a once-in-a-blue-moon type of talent and I hope he gets everything and more when he hits WWE. The dude stole the show in the early going with his quickness and kept it interesting, while AR got to shine in the finishing stretch with some really innovative stuff. I can’t rave more about this match, and I don’t see the Iron Man beating it to be honest. I think this should have gone on before intermission because Sami and Adam are going to have a hard, hard time following this. Incredible stuff, bravo to all four eight times over.

60 Minute Iron Man Match for the PWG World Title: Adam Cole (c) vs. Sami Callihan

When PWG’s Twitter account announced this match, I was interested for a few reasons. A) We haven’t seen a 60 minute Iron Man since the overhyped Joey Ryan/Super Dragon match and B) I’m not sure I trusted Sami Callihan to go 60 minutes without losing my interest. I like Sami, don’t get me wrong, but he’s overrated by a lot of indy fans. He often seems lost in the middle of matches after a hot beginning, and in some cases (like his match vs. Michael Elgin which I overrated something fierce at Threemendous III) he can’t really build any kind of heat during his matches. Imagine my surprise when I saw people saying that Cole and Sami had Generico/Steen-esque chemistry. Sure, they had a good match at Cage of Death last year (but ***1/4 tops) but had a mediocre BOLA match last year that ran out of steam quickly, despite being a 10 minute match. But I’m coming in optimistic, because it’s Sami’s last PWG match and I knew he’d really pull out what it took to have a great match. I just hoped I wasn’t proven right in my suspicions.

Pre-match pulls a piece of paper and makes Angelo Trinidad say if the crowd doesn’t like Adam Cole being the Iron Man of PWG, they can all SUCK HIS DICK. Goddamn right. Here we go. Duelling “Let’s Go Sami” and “Suck his dick!” chants because it’s Reseda. Sami starts off hot with chops, kicks, and a Heat Seeking Missile! Sami piles a massive amount on chairs on top of Cole because he can, and Rick Knox doesn’t give a shit. Things head back to the ring, where Sami stops a superplex and gets swept off, taking a nasty fall to the ground. The champ builds up a full head of steam…for a chinlock! Sami no-sells bouncing off the top turnbuckles with a hearty “Fuck you!” and some bouncing Cole’s head off the turnbuckle. Sami cracks Cole with a Bicycle Kick and drops him with a DVD and a “Suck my dick” Boing Splash. Adam Cole low-blows Sami and pins him,

going up 1-0 after 10 minutes.

After a trade, Cole

pins Sami with an inside cradle, going up 2-0.

Immediately after, Cole superkicks Sami and drops him with a brainbuster on the knee.

Cole pins Sami AGAIN to go up 3-0 in just about 11 minutes.

Cole cuts a promo in the camera, but turns around to find himself POWERBOMBED INTO THE RINGPOST!~! This match is going exponentially well so far. Sami waffles Cole with a beer pitcher and runs him into the ringpost some more. Meanwhile, Kevin Steen yells at some dipshit for filming the match. Adam Cole grabs the mic and cuts a promo, because suck his dick. And sure enough, “I’m gonna make Sami Callihan suck my dick.” TESTICULAR CLAW~! DICK SLAM!~! Sami stomps a mudhole in Adam Cole’s face. Kevin Steen on commentary just said that if there was a trophy for sucking dick, his wife would win. Excalibur pleads with the commentary listeners that they not tell Steen’s wife what goes on during commentary, for the sake of his marriage. For an Iron Man match, this sure has a lot of blowjob talk. Cole goes to work on Sami’s left leg as we see our first real lull in the action. Sami and Cole trade advantages in a Figure Four as we hit the 20 minute mark. Cole Figure Four’s Sami on the ringpost! I love that move. Sami lands a kick to Cole, who’s on the apron, but whiffs a springboard…let’s just blame it on his knee injury. Cole takes advantage immediately and wheelbarrows Sami into the apron. Cole, desperate for a countout, throws Sami into the women’s bathroom. Sami barely gets back into the ring by the help of a couple fans! Cole gets frustrated and goes outside with Sami, who GIVES HIM AN EXPLODER SUPLEX THROUGH A CHAIR! Sami wants the countout now, but Cole gets in at 19. This is a great match so far, I must admit. I’m loving it. Sami hits his whiffing kicks in the corner, but eats a superkick….INTO A JAWBREAKER LARIAT! POWERBOMB FOR TWO…INTO A STRETCH MUFFLER!

Cole taps to give Sami a fall….3-1 Sami.

Sami goes right into an STF, and taps Cole again!

3-2 Cole.

Cole and Sami trade sunset flips and craldes, and Sami PINS COLE TWICE WITHIN 10 SECONDS.

All of a sudden, Sami is up 4-3 on the champion!

Cole gets pissed and grabs his belt for a potential DQ, Brock Lesnar-style. Sami ducks it but takes a ROCK BOTTOM ALL WHILE LOOKING AT KEVIN STEEN!~! “That’s my friend’s move, only I can do that!” He misses the People’s Elbow but RUNS RIGHT INTO THE STUNNER!~! HE KICKS OUT! Holy shit, that was the best part of the night so far. You can’t get much better than that. “Fuck you Ricochet and AR Fox and all you guys who do your flips and shit” says Excalibur, hopefully in jest. Cole hangs Sami in the ropes and DROPS HIM DOWN WITH A PILEDRIVER! Sami gets to the ropes. Cole nails a NASTY bodyslam on the apron. Cole puts in a Figure Four on the floor, but Sami breaks it by throwing chairs at the champ. Cole responds by burying Sami with chairs in hopes for another countout. Fans tries to help Sami, but Sami being Sami shoves a fan upon entry into the ring. They trade superkicks and bicycle kicks, but Cole

pins Sami with the Florida Key to tie things up 4-4 at roughly 38 minutes.

Cole comes off the first rope with a double sledge, and takes Sami off of his feet with one off of the second rope! A third one off the top rope meets Sami’s foot as Kevin Steen HILARIOUSLY says that “Adam Cole looks like Lucky Cannon, a guy who was released from WWE’s developmental project several years ago.” If you hate Kevin Steen, you have no soul. Sami gets a nearfall off of an Air Raid Crash. A second one gets another 2 count. Cole drops Sami off of the top rope and KILLS HIM WITH THE PANAMA SUNRISE!

Cole goes up 5-4.

Cole nails another Rock Bottom and connects with the People’s Elbow…but guess what? Sami Callihan doesn’t give a FUCK. Sami drops Cole, fakes a People’s Elbow of his own and STOMPS HIS FACE! Cole puts in another Figure Four at the 45 minute mark. Cole pulls Sami closer to the center of the ring but Sami finally finds the ropes! SAMI MURDERS COLE WITH THE PANAMA SUNRISE~! COLE KICKS OUT! Sami pulls Cole up top and MURDERS HIM WITH A SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! LARIAT! Sami pins Cole and

it’s all tied up at 5-5.

They trade strikes, swinging chops at each other. This goes on for a good minute or two, until Cole finally goes down! Cole spits in Sami’s face and EARNS HIMSELF A JUMPING PILEDRIVER! COLE KICKS OUT! A SECOND JUMPING PILEDRIVER! COLE FINDS THE BOTTOM ROPE! We’re at the 53 minute mark. CANADIAN DESTROYER FROM COLE! SAMI KICKS OUT! FLORIDA KEY! BUT SAMI KICKS OUT AGAIN! JUMPING PILEDRIVER FROM COLE! SAMI KICKS OUT AGAIN~! Cole goes up top, but SAMI HITS THE TOWER OF LONDON! Sami spears Cole, but only gets two. That was a bad spear. SAMI COUNTERS THE PANAMA SUNRISE WITH TRENT BARETTA’S BACK PILEDRIVER! COLE COUNTERS INTO A SUNSET FLIP FOR THREE!

Cole goes up 6-5 at the 58 minute mark.

Cole tries to kill time by running away but trips getting into the ring. STRETCH MUFFLER BY SAMI!~! ONE MINUTE LEFT!~! HE GRAPEVINES IT! STOMPS TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!~! 30 SECONDS! HALF CRAB NOW! TIME RUNS OUT!~! Adam Cole retains the PWG Title 6-5 after a WAR.


I’ll eat my crow, because that was fucking awesome and perhaps my favorite Iron Man match behind the Angle/Lesnar classic. And to think I said that this would have trouble following the tag title match…you can call it overrating, but I call this PWG’s MOTY so far and a damn great way for Sami Callihan to go out. I had my doubts before this, but by about the 20 minute mark it seemed those doubts were for naught, and for the remaining 40 minutes, I was proven totally wrong and I’m glad of it. There were multiple facets of storytelling with Cole desperately looking for a countout, Cole going after Sami’s knee, Cole cheating to gain 3 falls off the bounce, Sami getting multiple falls off of flash cradles, and Sami going for 3 piledrivers just to try and finish Cole off. I’m not exactly anal about storytelling in wrestling, but I still love when it’s there; this had psychology in spades. The second best thing about this match? It felt nothing like a 60 minute match. I’ve seen 40 minute matches that felt like that overblown 72 minute match Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson did back in 2004 for ROH. This went by without dragging at all, and that earns acclaim in and of itself. The THIRD best part of the match? Despite numerous pinfalls, they weren’t contrived at all and had to do with smarts and luck more than just tossing finishers around. The last 10 minutes were predictably hectic, but the best part about that fact is that they didn’t throw the previous 50 minutes out of the window to go crazy on each other. They incorporated fatigue into some very interesting nearfalls, which made that stretch even more fun to watch. I can’t harp on this match enough honestly and if John Cena vs. CM Punk from February 27th didn’t exist, I’d call this my Match of the Year up to this point. Absolutely awe-inspiring stuff to me and a hell of a way for Sami to go out.

The crowd thanks Sami, and even Cole gives him a round of applause. Considering all Sami has been through since he started wrestling, this is a pretty moving scene. BUT COLE KICKS HIM IN THE DICK AFTER HE EMBRACES HIM!~! That’s goddamned fantastic. Kevin Steen runs Cole off and embraces Sami for real. The remaining locker room clears out as the crowd chants “We Will Miss You.” Kevin Steen tells Sami that he’s made his mark in PWG, and that he’s without a doubt one of the hardest working guys in wrestling. Chuck Taylor gives him a beer, because fuck yeah. “Say hi to that other Sami guy for us.” says Kevin Steen. Sami puts over PWG and the crowd, and leaves on that note. Thanks Sami. I can’t wait to see you in NXT, because your crazy ass will get over on command there. What a great scene to end the show.

The 411 : It isn't better as a show than either of the All Star Weekend 9 efforts (it's just about even with Night 1), but any show with the double main event of Is Your Body Ready? has comes damn close on that fact alone. Two MOTYC in a row is nothing to sneeze at, guys. The undercard admittedly let me down a bit at first (which makes seem like a spoiled little girl, considering it's what I'd call a really good ROH or WWE undercard) with a disappointing O'Reilly/Richards match, but the Younger/Steen and F.I.S.T./Dojo Bros. matches salvaged it. Everything that happened after intermission was GOLD though, and it's worth the price of admission alone. Chalk this up as another tremendous PWG show, even with a couple flaws. Highly, highly recommended.

411 Elite Award>

Final Score:  8.5

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