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The Thrill Of It All charts the history of Roxy Music, from their 1972 emergence and their temporary 1976 break-up through to their triumphant 40th anniversary tour in 2010 – and everything in between. The documentary features new interviews with key band members Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera, and others who have known and worked with them along the way.

When Roxy Music emerged in 1972 their visual and musical impact was instant. Dressed in bizarre, stylish costumes, the group played a defiantly experimental variation of art rock with infectious pop hooks. The opening hour of The Thrill Of It All explores the creative tension between Ferry and Brian Eno, which resulted in the group's first two ground-breaking albums.

By early 1973 Roxy Music had become a sensation in England and Europe due to their clever amalgamation of pop values and kitsch, as typified on their debut LP, Roxy Music, and follow-up, For Your Pleasure, which was virtually ignored in the US. The programme explores Eno's departure and how this impacted on the group.

The second hour places the band in the punk era and the regrouping of Roxy Music in the autumn of 1978. Their comeback album in April 1979, Manifesto, sounded more dance-orientated, with a soul-pop sound that was markedly different from their earlier records. Manifesto confirmed their British popularity, achieving Top 10 status, and the single Dance Away charted worldwide.

In the summer of 1980, the follow-up to Manifesto was recorded with just Ferry, Manzanera and Mackay, plus a host of studio musicians. The resulting album, Flesh And Blood, became their second British No. 1 and charted in the USA thanks to the infectious single Over You.

Nearly two years after the release of Flesh And Blood, Roxy Music returned with Avalon in the summer of 1982. Marking a new level in the group's production and musical sophistication, Avalon became their biggest album worldwide. The lush, elegant escapist music of Avalon is far removed from the edgy avant-pop of their early records. The programme explores this album with its stylish, romantic washes of music and Ferry's elegant, seductive croon.

After their last album and tour, Mackay, Manzanera and Ferry all released solo albums and Ferry's solo career has continued uninterrupted. But now Roxy Music are back with a 40th anniversary tour, it is an opportune time to explore this remarkable group who reflected the times and provided the soundtrack to many people's lives.

Presenter/Jarvis Cocker, Producer/John Sugar

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