UFC\'s Latest Announcement Could Shed Light On McGregor\'s Future

Possessing formidable youth is always key in sustaining long-term success.  For internationally potent sports entities like mixed martial arts, it often defines the line between thriving and failing.

In the UFC's case, as it is for most combat organizations scattered around the world, successfully evolving young fighters will help mold future endeavors, whether it be for financial reasons or for the sake of competitive potency.

Keeping this notion close to heart is important when planning for the next five or 10 years and which names in the sport are going to garnish title belts.

By understanding which baby boomers are going to reach their pinnacle in time to impact the organization for years to follow, the UFC is able to sit back, take a deep breath and know that its product will never dissolve with time.

Here are 10 young fighters who have a magnificent opportunity to impact, transform and transcend their respective divisions.

Source : https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1634719-10-young-fighters-that-have-the-chance-to-make-the-biggest-impact-in-the-ufc

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