UFC 229 Press Conference For Nurmagomedov Vs. McGregor Scheduled For Radio City Music Hall

NEW YORK — An over abundance of police and security helped the UFC make sure fireworks of the fistic variety weren’t on the menu for Thursday’s UFC 229 press conference, as did Dana White’s insistence that the general public be barred.

Luckily for MMA fans watching on the live stream, Conor McGregor provided more than enough of the verbal kind in the much-anticipated first face-off between the brash Irish star and Khabib Nurmagomedov since McGregor’s felony bus attack on April 5 just days before UFC 223 in Brooklyn.

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The circus which followed did not disappoint from an entertainment standpoint nor as a means to hype the lightweight title bout, already projected to be the biggest in MMA history, just 16 days away from the pay-per-view in Las Vegas.

McGregor (21-3), who as usual arrived fashionably late, sat just feet away from Nurmagomedov (26-0) on the stage at Radio City Music Hall with White officiating between them as the UFC’s former 155-pound champion spent nearly 45 minutes berating the current one as the stone-faced native of Dagestan, Russia, largely absorbed the verbal blows.

“If i was an owner and part of the promotion, I would have the f—ing fans in the arena,” McGregor said about Thursday’s event being closed off to the public. “Where the f— are the fans at? I’m in probation up to me eyeballs and coming in for civil cases. At least bring the fans in. Here we are, let’s get a war going!”

Source : https://wdef.com/2018/09/20/ufc-229-press-conference-conor-mcgregor-khabib-nurmagomedov-trade-barbs-in-explosive-first-meeting/

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