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Valve acquires Impulsonic

Impulsonic released a statement about getting bought up by CS:GO developer Valve, who recently integrated Impulsonic’s HRTF 3D sound into Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Their main goal is to provide physics-based audio for video games and virtual reality. HRTF isn’t by far the most popular update to be present in the game, but we will see great upgrades to the sound system in general with the addition of Impulsonic’s team to Valve’s developers team!

Impulsonic had the following to comment on their website:

We haven’t been super-active on our blog or Twitter lately, and some of you have been wondering what we’ve been up to. Well, today, we’re excited to finally announce that Impulsonic has been acquired by Valve! We’re confident that with the resources and expertise that Valve brings to the table, we will be able to push Phonon and VR Audio to an exciting new level. The Impulsonic team will be transitioning to Valve HQ over the coming weeks, but our work will continue uninterrupted.

Let’s hope that this acquisition will bring more life-like updates to the sound system of any Valve’s games and as Impulsonic is developing a sound system for VR as well – we can possibly see all sorts of great virtual reality related games and updates from Valve hopefully in the coming months and years.

Valve acquires Impulsonic
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